This is what happens when you let your friend talk to you about his Porsche. All that 911 talk inspired me to create a little something of my own. Mainly inspired by the Time Attack & Street racing scene, this is what I came up with. Simple, yet aggressive. (I think) ;)

Yes, 4 wing mirrors, just incase one happens to get knocked off by them lil car chases it'll be getting involved with. Hahaha :)

*It is whatever you want it to be. Could be AWD, Mid-engined, Front Engined, Nuclear powered (lol), could have automatically rising duel-spoilers. Imagine whatever you like grin emoticon, thats part of the fun with something that doesn't exist.

Imagine it on air suspension for when the road get's a little rough, the road it probably isn't legal to drive on that is ;)