M1 - Architectural Test - Full 3D Env

Hey everyone& Happy New Year!

It's been well a over 1 year since I last posted here so I figured I better start uploading stuff. I warn you though, there's a lot to come in the next few weeks if you haven't been following on Insta! https://www.instagram.com/the_kyza

*MARCH 31st, 2020*

Stepped out of my comfort zone and trying to design my own exotic kinda house.
I've still not properly finished it or populated it the way I want to, mainly because my PC can't handle it, but in super happy with how it's looking!!
Thank you for all the car suggestions you gave me, most mentioned a Rolls or Bentley but it just didn't suit the look/vibe I was after, so i decided to go with a one-off M1 Procar in a special Alpina Green. Fit right in!