Neo Japan 2202 X Khyzyl Saleem - The interceptor

2 years ago I started working on a car for one of my good friends project known as "Neo Japan 2202". I created this Hakosuka for one of his characters known as DR.WAYNE.

This is one of the first cars I painted from scratch, and has since been gathering dust for a fair while. But, it is now finished!!
My Bro Johnson Ting did a killer job. You can view his work at the link below.
Short excerpt from his story of Neo Japan 2202:

"Ronins aka the rebels, has their own ways of surviving the underworld and staying hidden. In an age where each and every vehicle has been registered, each and every part is tagged, no one can drive a car that is untraceable, that is unless you mod 200 year old cars, when vehicles are all analog instead of digital, a vehicle of raw steel and power.

These are literally ancient vehicles, how they got their hands on them is amazing enough, how they manage to make it work is even more of a feat. Here we have recovered one o--- *transmission cuts off* "

This particular vehicle is the interceptor, an ancient Nissan Skyline "Hakosuka" modded by Dr.Wayne and Seven, the only one left in Neo Japan, and the only one that has managed to out run the police 8 times on live television.

Check out Johnsons work here: