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Nissan R34 | Zombie Apocalypse Vehicle

Brainstorm Challenge #3 | Rather than the usual truck or big vehicle I really wanted to go with something capable of speed but also brute force. Photobash & a lot of painting.

"Got pretty damn lucky with this find! A fully functional Nissan R34 Skyline, who woulda thought!?. All wheel drive for the rough terrain, air/hydraulic suspension when the ground gets a bit..rough, not to mention, one of my favourite cars before everything went to shit. Tried to salvage what i could from what seemed to be an old Military scrapyard, got rather lucky finding a set of airless tires from an old, all terrain ATV, stole a few bits from what seemed to be an ol M1 Abrams tank as well. This beast is the last thing anyone'l see."

(A really cheesy little side story, i'm sorry haha)

Khyzyl saleem r34finalsmall
Khyzyl saleem plain copylow

Before & After.