Tesla Cybertruck Re-Design

A first look at my @teslamotors Cybertruck re-design!
Don't get me wrong, I love what Elon is doing in this industry, truly breaking those boundaries and the original design is bonkers, I just wanted to add my own flavour to it.

I modelled the truck as my base first, and altered a few body lines slightly just to make it a bit more interesting, its still a truck so went down the Trophy Truck esque route, oh, and I filmed me modelling the entire thing! I added fenders that add a bit of curvature to the truck, but still tried to maintain the futuristic element to it. Bertone inspired, still the same size/scale as the original, just on the lowest height setting :P

Genuinely had a blast with this one and happy with the outcome, I will make more renders to show the details properly! Hope ya'll like it! Cyberpunk is ma realm, this was incredibly fun!

Prints of this here: https://khyzylsaleem.artstation.com/store/art_posters/7eA2/k-s-cybertruck-combo